• TermoRace was developed thanks to the mature experience of the I.M.P. Group (Industrie Maurizo Peruzzo) in the textile field. Our team of researchers and technicians, that have been working in the car and motorbikes racing sector for several years, distinguished themselves for specific knowledge and passion.
  • In 2006 TermoRace started a collaboration with In-Motion Engineering, that has been working in the MotoGP racing department for several years and that in 2007 handled the four-stroke Honda prototypes. It collaborated with Dunlop, Bridgestone and during the last years with Michelin. This exclusive collaboration allowed TermoRace to develop the unique technology that In-Motion created for the preparation and the monitoring of the tires during the pre-race heating process.
  • As a consequence the TR.PCS (TermoRace Pressure Control System) was created. This electronic system was studied and developed to simultaneously control both temperature and pressure of the tires.
  • The system represents much more than a traditional tyrewarmer and allows you to constantly control these two important parameters during the pre-heating phase. The system itself informs you when the tire is ready for use.


  • The Control System TR.PCS (TermoRace Pressure Control System) was developed for the preparation of car and motorbike tires.
  • It consents the simultaneous monitoring of temperature and pressure, and the display informs you when the tire is ready for use.
  • By measuring the pressure we can indirectly obtain the temperature level of the whole 'tire + air+ rim' system, not only the surface one commonly measured on the tire tread. The pressure monitoring and control is given by a module M.E.P. ( external pressure module) applied to the inflation valve of the tire.
  • The System is easy to programme thanks to a 4 button display : it's sufficient to set the tire pressure (without prior heating) and the final heating temperature requested.
  • The heating cycle starts with the automatic tire deflation that stops when the preset pressure is reached in order to always guarantee the same conditions for the tire preparation.
  • During the heating process the pressure rises with the temperature.
  • The heating process stops when the pressure becomes stable.
  • When 'end' appears on the display the tire is ready to offer you the best performance in terms of duration and adherence.