Repair Service Procedures for Termorace

If your Termorace product is ever in need of service, please follow the following steps:

1. Download the Request for Assistance - MRA form: download

2. Prepare a form for each MRA product to be repaired.

3. Complete the form, preferably in capital letters, with all the required information, describing the problem in as much detail as possible. For tax reasons it is essential to include the tax code and / or VAT (if both do not coincide).

4. Date and sign the MRA form. DO NOT complete the final part of the form which is reserved for service.

5. Send in advance the MRA form to Marco Polo srl, by fax o Email (n° fax. +39 0444 351110, Email: racing@termorace.com).

6. Returned products must be packed properly to avoid damage during transit and sent to Termotex Ltd. at the address on the MRA form. Send any accessories required for identifying the problem including them in the MRA form. A copy of the completed MRA form should be included with your shipment.

Termotex repair service personel will check that the MRA form has been completed correctly. Once this has been verified, the customer will receive a MRA number. Repairs will only be done after the MRA form has been completed correctly and an MRA number has been assigned.

The defective product will be analyzed to identify the causes of malfunction or failure and to estimate the cost of the repair (unless the warranty is applicable). The estimate of the repair will be sent to the customer for confirmation and must be approved within 15 days of its receipt, otherwise the material will be returned by courier to the customer, freight collect (freight cost charged to the customer) along with a charge of € 20 administration fee.

If the product is under warranty attach a copy of the sales receipt or invoice showing the date of purchase. In the absence of proof of purchase the warranty terms are not applicable.

Marco Polo Srl will cover the cost of shipping the product back to the customer if the repairs or repalcement of the product is still under warranty. In all other cases the customer will have to cover the cost of shipment. The cost of shipping the product to Marco Polo srl is the responsibility of the customer. Marco Polo is not responsible for any damage to or loss of the product during transport.